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Green America Business Network

Grounds for Change is proud to be a member of the Green America Busniess Network, the original socially responsible business network founded in 1982.

To qualify for membership in the Green America Business Network, businesses are screened on the basis of the following criteria (from the Green America website):

  • Product quality
  • Promotion and support of consumers' health and safety
  • Organically grown contents
  • Cruelty-free production
  • Energy usage, efficiency, and promotion/use of renewables
  • Waste reduction
  • Promotion of positive education and social values
  • Environmental impact and protection of the biosphere
  • Minimal/reusable packaging
  • Social and environmental responsibility of third-party producers
  • Employee safety and healthy working conditions
  • Fair labor practices
  • Decision-making, ownership, and financial equity within the company
  • Workplace ecology
  • Transparency and openness in communications with stakeholders
  • Community impact and commitment to Fair Trade

In addition, they consider each company's impact on its four major stakeholders: their customers, their employees (including workers in their supply chain), the environment, and the communities in which they do businesses and where their business has an impact. They also confirm whether the company is "values-driven;" i.e., is there a focus on using the business as a tool for positive social change?

B Corporation

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