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Our Mission

"To support social equity and environmental sustainability through fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee."

We fulfill our mission through the following:

  1. All Grounds for Change coffee is 100% fair trade and organic certified. We believe in the importance of supporting these certifications, financially and professionally.

  2. Grounds for Change is a member of 1% for the Planet and through this organization, donates a percentage of sales to the Northwest Shade Coffee Campaign, Save Our Wild Salmon and in support of the valuable work of these organizations.

  3. Through our Affiliate Program, Grounds for Change supports nonprofit organizations whose goals closely resemble ours, allowing us to give back to those organizations who are working to make positive change.

  4. Grounds for Change is a member of Coffee Kids, an international, nonprofit, organization that has helped thousands of men, women, and children in Mexico and Central America to improve the quality of their lives.

  5. Grounds for Change is a sustainable business. We purchase 100% renewable energy through Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Program. The Green Power Program buys renewable energy (wind, solar and biomass) for inclusion in the electric grid in amounts used by those purchasing green power. In addition, we offset 100% of the non-renewable energy that is used in business operations and transportation. We use exclusively 100% post-consumer content paper, donate our jute coffee bags to local organic farms for use in erosion control and reuse and recycle as much as possible.
B Corporation

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