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Fair Trade Organic Tea Bags
Black Teas, Green Teas, Herbal Teas
Fair Trade Organic Tea Bags
Choice Fair Trade Organic Teas come from gardens tended by traditional methods, without the use of chemicals. Conscious practice of soil management and weed control create a balanced environment to alleviate any agricultural problems. Through diligent care of the environment, these growers produce exceptional teas.

  • Jasmine Green is a Chinese classic, produced only during August when the Jasmine flowers bloom. Freshly-picked blossoms are mixed with organic green tea, and later removed, leaving their ethereal floral scent behind.
  • Mint Green is blended from carefully selected green teas and the spearmint favored in North Africa. It is a revitalizing refreshment in Saharan heat, and a perfect cup with which to welcome guests. A cup of hospitality and quiet grace, with only half the caffeine of other green teas.
  • Peach Green is made from Asia's finest green teas. These teas are briefly steamed after plucking, to hold their rich green color, and full complement of healthful polyphenols. Luscious overtones of ripe peaches fulfill a promise of delightful refreshment.
  • Dragon Well is one of the most famous of all Chinese teas. It has a vibrant color and very appealing nutty aroma. Particularly well known for a long finish, with a lingering bittersweetness, this is one of the most refreshing green teas in summer heat.
  • Earl Grey Lavender owes its flavorful foundation to the selected organic teas from India and Ceylon. These are blended with Bergamot, a Mediterranean citrus, and then enhanced with the lightest touch of lavender blossoms. The quintessential afternoon tea.
  • Chai Spice favors the rich Assam teas of the Brahmaputra valley, and highly-prized Cardamom. This spice of antiquity was once known as Grains of Paradise, and a vehicle for divine dialogue. Brew this tea strong, and temper it with milk and sweetener for true chai experience.
  • Mango Black highlights the smooth, flavorful tea of Ceylon. This superior black tea is flavored with the essence of Mango, and further enhanced with the mellow undertones of organic vanilla. A delightful tea to serve on ice.
  • Breakfast Blend is a richly flavored and robust tea. Leaf from Assam provides a rich touch of malt and Ceylon teas from mountain estates keep the blend smooth yet striking. Delightful whenever a strong cup of tea is the favored refreshment.
  • Vanilla Rooibos was developed centuries ago and has come to be known as a "miracle tea" with astounding healthful attributes. It is abundantly flavorful; full-bodied with a sweet earthy aroma, made more luxuriant with the addition of rich, tropical Vanilla.
  • Chamomile Mint Herbal Tea with Bergamot offers a restful interlude at any time. Chamomile and Spearmint are appreciated for their soothing comforts. Bergamot is the Mediterranean citrus used to perfume Earl Grey teas and it lifts spirits while calming nerves.
  • Blackberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea is a celebration of field and forest. Selected wild leaves and berries are honored around the world for the herbal brews they yield. Here in the northwest, the richness of blackberries provides a delightful cup of tea. Fantastic served over ice!
  • Liquorice Mint Herbal Tea contains the root of the organic liquorice plant which offers an alluring sweetness to the well-known delights of organic peppermint leaf. A hot sip of serenity and repose.
Each box contains sixteen individually-wrapped tea bags.
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