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Fair Trade Certified, Organic Certified
Coffee Explorer (Coffee of the Month)
3 MONTH: $72.96 $69.96 - Free Shipping
6 MONTH: $142.96 $135.96 - Free Shipping
9 MONTH: $209.96 $199.96 - Free Shipping
12 MONTH: $269.96 $259.96 - Free Shipping

Coffee Explorer, our Coffee of the Month Club, provides you with a different one pound bag of coffee each month for your chosen time period. Our price includes free shipping and is available in 3, 6, 9, and 12 month durations. Our coffee club is a great way to survey the wide variety of tastes from around the world! Decaf Coffee Explorer is available as well - scroll down to see the calendar.

Both single-origin and blended coffees will be featured throughout the year and with each shipment, you will receive a card that provides information on the country of origin (for single-origins) or on fair trade and coffee production in general (for blends).

If you are giving Coffee Explorer as a gift and would like to have a gift card to present to your recipient, you may download, print and mail (or download and e-mail) a PDF gift notice for your chosen coffee of the month membership by clicking one of the following links:
The cost of recurring shipments is included in the price of this coffee of the month membership. You will be charged one cent for shipping at checkout (our minimum). All Coffee Explorer orders ship each month on approximately the 5th or the 20th. We will ship your coffee of the month on the next ship date or according to the Start Date specified above (ie: if you start Coffee Explorer during the second week of the month, your monthly shipments will be approximately the 20th of each month).

Fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee of the month club
JAN    Sumatra - Telong            JUL    Honduras - Congolon
FEB    Peru - Cafe Femenino            AUG    Agate Pass Blend
MAR    Equinox Blend            SEP    Nicaragua - Segovia
APR    Nordic Blend            OCT    Guatemala - Quetzal
MAY    Seabrook Blend            NOV    Vienna Roast
JUN    Guatemala - Forestal            DEC    Solstice Blend

Fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee of the month club
JAN    Decaf First Light Blend            JUL    Decaf Peru - Cajamarca
FEB    Decaf Midnight Blend            AUG    Decaf Sumatra - Telong
MAR    Decaf Peru - Cajamarca            SEP    Decaf First Light Blend
APR    Decaf Sumatra - Telong            OCT    Decaf Midnight Blend
MAY    Decaf First Light Blend            NOV    Decaf Peru - Cajamarca
JUN    Decaf Midnight Blend            DEC    Decaf Sumatra - Telong

All of our coffee is roasted to order and shipped fresh daily. We package in air-tight, foil-lined bags with one-way degassing valves to preserve freshness.
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